UK Retail Landscape

This manual summarizes Nike's retail presence in the UK. As this was an internal Nike job, I'll only share the creative approaches and the final creative route approved by the client, without going into the actual final product. I presented two creative routes.  The client loved specific elements in both routes and asked that I combine the two routes into a third, combined option. 

For the first creative approach, the look and style is very modern, clean, with a lot of breathing space. The main concept is “location”. As the manual focuses on where things related and  important to Nike are happening in each city, the visual indicator that shows location on maps are used as a design element, and it also reminds you of exploring a city.  The first page shows the word “London” with location pins all over it and strange shapes, yet when you turn the page you realize it pinpoints to important locations on the map and the strange shapes are important areas in the city.  Going forward these pins and shapes are used as visual language.  I used the colors black, white and gold - the reason I used gold is because of the value that this information adds to the brand. I suggested that the hard copies are printed on a Moleskine like notebook (the ones that’s soft cover.
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This creative route has a simplistic white approach, with one unique color added per city. Each city logo consists out of a coat of arms with two or three elements that refers back to the city’s history and heritage. Using a coat of arms refers to the rich background of the UK and Ireland, having had various kingdoms throughout the history. The first city I did was Manchester, using black and red. Each city will be in a different color, (black and blue, black and green and black and orange.) This way the book and digital document will be color coded, making it easier to find different cities at a glance.
The client loved the bold type of option 1 and the coat of arms and color of option 2.  Concentrating on those apect, I created the last option - which Nike approved.
The Final Product: The interactive manual to be used by Nike employees as they explore the retail landscape inLondon, the rest of the UK and Ireland.
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