Aiga's “The MIX" event is an opportunity where students can share their portfolios for feedback from industry professionals, mix with peers and get a taste of the design industry.

I started by crafting 3 versions of the word "MIX" - each in a unique custom typeface.

This project was a winner in the 2019 GDUSA Design Awards | Pro-Bono Category.
Next I created a unique look and feel for each option.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
 Then - in the spirit of mixing things, I mixed up the typefaces to create modular logos. 
The elements of the 3 designs were combined in various designs to get an array of MIXED creative layouts. This could be use as event posters / social assets.
The client loved the initial concept, yet after the roll-out they requested that I do an option where I use 6 colors - max 3 per design. They wished for the series to consist of more cohesive designs.
Revised layouts:
The client loved the revised direction.
The series was rolled out on posters, post cards and across their social channels.
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